"Since coming to see Dr. Kemp my daily headaches and TMJ pain have been virtually eliminated. The entire office staff is very friendly, helpful and professional. My experience here has been great compared to other offices I had visited in the past. Thanks!"

- Averi S.

"I do a lot of heavy lifting. I was having bad neck and shoulder pain. The doctors found I also have a lumbar problem that probably caused my shin splint problems as a runner years ago. I had never before had a good explanation!

Through the adjustments and therapy I am now pain free and have learned to use correct body mechanics at work.

Thank you so much to the doctors and all the staff!"

- Elise C.

"I came in suffering from intense neck and shoulder pain from overuse at the office and gym. After the first treatment shoulder and neck felt better. With consistent care, the improvement continued and staff encourage forward progress, even when I felt “owwie”.

Now, I am feeling so much better, I know how to counteract the “owwies”, and it is great to be able to go back to normal activities again."

- Donna K.

"After a series of car accidents in my teens. I have suffered from migraines and lower back pain ever since. I have felt my past care has been more of a patch and not a fix.

I have been seeing Dr. Kemp for 7 months now and feel like I am a new person. My migraines have decreased by 80% and my lower back pain has been reduced to just a minor issue. Dr. Kemp’s unique professional approach has been a blessing and feel more time with him will results in my being migraine free."

- Dave S.

"I was having shoulder and back pain. I wanted to make sure I did not have any more growth in my shoulder due to a bone spur that was removed years ago.

Since I have been coming my pain has subsided tremendously, now I can move my neck back and forth and am no longer having any shoulder pain. I believe with all the treatments and coming consistently I am feeling much better. I appreciate all the help and wonderful staff."

- Brandi P.

"I was having really bad headaches almost every day. For years I was trying to figure out what was causing them. I was told by several different types of doctors it was this or that. I started going and what little did I know! Just after a few weeks they were starting to go away. I have been going for about 5 months now and have not had but maybe two headaches a month when they used to be almost 5 a week."

- Brittany T.

"It seems that for many people living with pain has become something to endure as a consequence for the world we live in. But if you are fortunate enough to be in the care of people like the ones in this office, you will come to learn that suffering is not something that one needs to grudgingly accept. If you can free yourself of this notion it can change your life. For me, my return to health has been nothing short of a revelation."

- Bobby S.


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